Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) has appointed Joel McFadden director of its Council of Custom Jewelers. 

The New Jersey-based jeweler will be responsible for cultivating and developing group members’ expertise into articles, educational materials and promoted content.

“Joel is a passionate member of the jewelry-making community, and as someone who has spent his career both sitting at a jewelry bench and energizing the jewelry trade, he is uniquely connected to jewelers from all over the country,” said Lee Krombholz, council chair for the organization.

Prior to his appointment, McFadden (pictured) was a presenter at industry conferences and events, and contributed to the MJSA Journal. He was named the council’s first “mentor jeweler.”

In addition to his role, McFadden will also serve as custom ambassador for MJSA, presenting at industry shows and events, operating jewelry-related social media forums, and promoting custom design.